Cooperative Online Gaming

This course is a follow up course to Introduction to Online Gaming in which we focused on the basic interactions and dynamics among online gamers. This course will provide a framework of how to play with friends online, as well as what is appropriate behavor to expect and tolerate within all digital spaces. In this class, we move into a gaming environment that requires a mindset of team benefit over the individual. In a safe and controlled environment, students will be introduced to the tools for communicating with friends online, as well as appropriate ways to interact with people you know and don’t know.

In working together to establish shelter, food, supplies and equipment to beat Minecraft Survival Mode, we seek to teach students the basics of communicating and sharing ideas in a way that promotes teamwork. Students will be tasked with a team goal where coordination, communication, and teamwork will be critical to completing the task over the span of the course. Defeating the Ender Dragon within the time frame of the class will be challenging. With a large number of students and effective coordination, it is a goal we will help them accomplish.

This course is offered for students ages 6 through 12. We recommend that a student’s reading level is at least level E to access the greatest benefit from the course. A tablet, phone, Nintendo Switch or Windows Computer with internet access is required for this class, as is the purchase of the game we will be using.

We also recommend that parents of younger learners join them for the first few classes, in order to assist with setup and to help their child get comfortable attending class on their own. For students not yet ready for the communication levels needed for the Survival Mode game, a Creative Mode server will be available.

This class will be offered to all as a “pay what you can” course.

Number of Classes:

6 Instructed Courses

As we approach the end of the schedule, we may open up a self-instructed open play session on Thursdays to help students accomplish the goal.

Class Time:

3:00 pm - 5:00pm EST

Class Dates:

Every Tuesday

Beginning April 21st

Ending May 26th

Course Type:

1st half hour will be held on Zoom video conference call Remaining 90 minutes will be audio only via Discord with mentored open play

Course Seats:




Game Title:



  • A tablet, phone, Nintendo Switch or Windows desktop computer
  • A copy of Minecraft game software
  • Reading Level E
  • Headset with mircophone (optional)