Family Super Smash Bros. League

This course introduces Joint Media Engagement to households through a family oriented gaming league. Whether among parents and children or between sibilings, there are many benefits when experiencing screen time together. Utilizing family-based Joint Media Engagement can function to provide an activity completed through family interaction and cooperation. In addition, parents can offer opportunities for modeling cooperative play, frustration tolerance, setting time limits around screen time, and having fun completing a challenging quest. Between siblings, Joint Media Engagement can offer a common play interest and goal which can become fun topics of conversation even when off screens. Parents can join in on the conversation too!

For this course we will run a team oriented Super Smash Bros. Ultimate league. Each household group will be placed on the same team with one or two other households that have joined the league. Each team will rank their own players by playing head to head. For each league match, players with the same rank from each team will face each other using characters their team has not yet played in any previous weeks during the season.

This format encourages Joint Media Engagement as it requires discussion between teammates to master multiple characters. Within households, practicing each week provides a common goal, helping one another master new characters for the upcoming match. Each league match will provide discussion topics for the upcoming week and will provide positive experiences no matter the outcome.

This course will be offered to all as a “pay what you can” course.

Number of Matches:

8 Team League Evenings

Match Time:

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Scheduled match time is staggered depending on the age of student with younger members getting earlier match time slots. After matches are completed, teams will discuss, socialize and practice.

League Dates:

Every Friday

Beginning May 1st

Ending June 19th

Course Type:

Communication between students will contain a mix of Zoom video conferenceing and Discord audio chat.



Game Title:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


  • Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Online
  • Internet Connection
  • A copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game software
  • A separate device for Zoom & Discord apps
  • Headset with mircophone (optional)